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The MultiBreacher brings a whole new concept to the process of breaching doors of all types. In just a few seconds it will open both inward and outward opening security doors, fire doors and of course standard wooden doors.

The existing problems faced with breaching outward opening steel and security doors is negated when using the MiniRam together with the MultiBreacher. Due to it´s unique construction and design it ensures optimal bite of the tool with its unique serrated wedge shaped head providing extreme case displacement and zero slippage of the tool while in the door frame.

Tool ends are constructed of proprietary full-hardened Swedish steel alloy for maximum tool life.

Sling attachment points are provided to ensure easy carriage.

Prod Nr: 50094


This security plate/edge bypass tool has revolutionized the ability to open outward opening metal and security doors in a reliable way.

Without this tool there is a substantial risk that forcing the door will be completely unsuccessful. This is especially the case for niche mounted doors.

Prod Nr: 50135


The MultiPry has the same design and advantages as it’s big brother the MultiBreacher.This pry tool separates itself from any other prybars on the market.With this small and very lightweight tool, you can open inward and outward opening doors of all types when used in conjunctionwith the Multi- Sledge or our sledge hammer.

The MultiPry’s design ensures optimal bite of the tool with its unique serrated wedge shaped head providing extreme case displacement and zero slippage of the tool while in the door frame. Sling attachment points are provided to ensure easy individual carriage.

Prod Nr: 50093


The MultiSledge™ is the most unique multi functional tool on the market.As four tools in one, it can be utilized as a Sledge hammer, Ram, prybar and break n’ rake.

With the “break `n rake” feature, it offers the operator the ability to shatter all types of windows including laminated and security/privacy glass and up to 1” thick laminate security glass.The head is a unique shape which allows for extremely fast window entry and drapery and curtain rod removal.

The prybar end is used in conjunction with the MultiPry tool to assist in the opening of reinforced inward opening doors.

Prod Nr: 50092


The design of the MiniRam is unique in many ways. A new ergonomic technique designed to work with the Ram, creates a maximum striking force whilst retaining complete flexibility of use.

The optimal weight and balance of the MiniRam offers both a traditional ram for forcing inward opening doors and combines as a striking tool for the MultiBreacher.

The tool is designed to be able to be used at shoulder height without the weight of traditional rams.The striking head is convex formed like a hammer head.

Prod Nr: 50091


The MediumRam is designed with the same concept as our other rams. It is designed for one or two operators.The balance of the tool is centrally located between the handles, which means that all of the energy can be concentrated on striking instead of managing and maintaining balance of the tool.

Similar to our other Rams, the Middle Ram has a convex head, which means that full power is guaranteed.

The MediumRam is equipped with a safety hand protection.

Prod Nr: 50358


This is our most powerful striking tool that is used for rapid entry through inward opening wooden doors and some metal doors.The HeavyRam weighs 23 kg and is designed for one, two or three operators.

The HeavyRam has been carefully tested to ensure the weight of the Ram delivers maximum impact energy. Unlike other tools on the market it is designed to have the balance centered between the han- dles, which ensures Maximum efficiency and ensures proper balance and less strain on the operator.

The 360 (degrees) handles are designed to offer the ability for the operator(s) to strike the low, middle or high point of the door dependant on where the locking point is located.

As with all of our Rams, the striking head is formed like a hammerhead i.e. the head is convex. This means that unlike other striking tools the blow does not need to be perpendicular to give the maximum effect.

Prod Nr: 10021


The sledge hammer is a standard high quality tool that can be used together with the MultiPry for inward opening doors.

Prod Nr: 10026

Break'n Rake Standard and Extended

The Gryphon Break´n Rake is the only glass tool on the market made for breaching both traditional windows and laminated safety glass.

The special design of the tool head allows the tool to easily penetrate all types of glass. Once penetration of the glass is achieved, the elongated teeth and the “D” Ring shaped rubber grip handle allows the operator to create openings in laminated security glass quickly and efficiently.

Both standard and Extended length Break´n Rakes are available.

The Extended Break´n Rake offers greater reach, offering enhanced cover and protection for the operator.

Prod Nr: 50336 (Standard)

Prod Nr: 50335 (Extended)


The latest production vehicles have laminated noise reduction glass technology.“Window punches” and batons are no longer effective for this type of glass, and you never know what kind of glass you have in front of you.

With our unique CarRake it doesn´t matter what kind of glass it is, the laminated car window is gone in a few seconds.

As with all our glass entry tools, the tool head has an effective design which enables the sharp teeth to easily saw through the laminated glass.

Prod Nr: 50334