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Training Door

The Training door is strong, robust and versatile. Designed and manufactured by operators for operators.

A frame that authentically replicates real doors in real frames, giving operators the skill and confidence to be effective on time every time.

Whether Inward or outward opening doors, the SET training door is compatible with the full range of mechanical and hydraulic entry tools.

Multi point locking mechanisms can be readily, faithfully and economically duplicated using sacrificial steel pins or wooden pegs.

Modular construction enables easy transportation and rapid assembly, if required.

Prod Nr: 30011
Width: 1500 mm
Depth: 2000 mm
Height: 2230 mm
Weight: 300 kg

30031 Replacement Door Jamb Edges

30018 Steel Pins

30020 Wood Shims

30026 Case Edges

30014 Rubber Cushion

Door mounting Frame

SET offers a complete solution for breacher training.This system includes a door mount- ing frame for installation of real doors.This mounting frame is not only dimensioned for mechanical and hydraulic breaching, the heavy construction also allows explosive breaching training.

The frame can be free standing, or mounted directly to a wall.

The wood frame gives a strong, real- istic and easy mounting of the doors. The Mounting Frame allows inward and outward opening door breaching with all types of mechanical, hydraulic or explosive breaching. With ball bearings on the frame, the width can easily be adjusted for different size doors.

Prod Nr: 30027

Glass Training Frame

SET not only offer the best tools on the market for glass entry, we also offer a unique training frame for Break´n Rake training.

Ocasionally, entry through a window may be the only way to get into a property. But this is also one of the most dangerous ways to get in because of all the pieces of glass stuck in the window frame after the initial opening has been created.

Prod Nr: 30016

MUT6 Training Door








EXP2 Training Door

EXP 2 Training Door is specially designed for explosive breaching training. Field tested by military with more than 400 gram TNT cutting charges.

Opportunity to use cutting machines, chain saw and thermal equipment as well.

SET Breaching Rig